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ACE Native Nations Presents

Art By Our People

Must be Native American

Must be original artwork

First Americans preserve tradition and history through art. We are proud of our people’s talent and are showcasing their art here for all to see.


Artist: Hokshena Tonkah Marks Sr.

On Display Now

Hokshena Tonkah Marks Sr.

Morning prayer

Grass Dancer

Wolf Clan

About the Artist

“I am from the Creek and Dakota Sioux tribe.

I have been in the art business over 25 years and I’m still learning.

Been in the moving business over 20 years.

I paint with acrylics on canvas, and on boxes as well.

I hope one day my artwork can be seen from all over the world.”

Pricing and Authorized Prints are available by contacting David Howell or the artist at Ace Native Nations.

Morning Song

Bear Clan

Eagle Dance

Hawk Clan

Ghost Warrior


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