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“I have to say, what makes me proud is family and to watch families succeed.”

Our Owner

Don Givens

“Chico” as his Mom calls him

“Working with my sons allows them to learn about me as a person.”

One half Mississippi Choctaw and one half Muskogee Creek, our Owner and President of ACE Native Nations, Don Givens prides himself on putting family first. He’s been married to his lovely wife, Dee, for 20 years. He has three children, one grandchild and one on the way. He loves taking his granddaughter to the Oklahoma City Zoo.

Having previously worked in law enforcement, and been a teacher, Don knows how important honesty and integrity are in business and in the community. As an enrolled member of the Choctaw Nation, Don looks forward to working with all of our Oklahoma Tribes to provide top quality re-opening, moving, and storage services.

Our mission is the consistent pursuit of excellence, and our primary focus is our customer and the quality of service they receive from us.

Don and his wife, Dee have a singular, primary vision and mission in life. It’s “Family”. Their hearts desires are to see their family succeed and thrive. They also feel that same way toward all native tribes and their families.

  Don’s been taking course work for years to help him do just that by fulfilling his lifelong dream of owning his own company. Last year his dream became a reality when he shared his vision with his boss at Ace Commercial Logistics, David Howell.  David said: “Don, I so believe in you and your work ethic that I will give you the full strength and support of every division of Ace to help you fulfill your dream.” Ace Native Nations Service Solutions, LLC was born in January 2020. 

  Don and his Family are already developing strong friendships and relationships inside multiple Oklahoma tribes. They could not be more grateful for the opportunity to serve the tribes of Oklahoma.

  1. Providing our service with absolute integrity while earning our customers’ trust.
  2. Prioritizing the needs of individual workers and customers above profitability.
  3. Family and the stability of all relationships is our primary concern.
  4. Consistently offering honest and truthful communication.
  5. Imparting a focus on work/life balance throughout the organization.
  6. Productivity, customer service, industriousness, innovation, initiative, prudence, discipline, and determination will be pursued at every opportunity.
  7. All team members are accountable to leadership.
  8. Effective leaders will earn their position due to their passion, vision, integrity, and ultimate concern for people.
  9. The resources that have been entrusted to us will be governed wisely and prudently.
  10. We will serve our community whenever possible, returning a portion of those resources from where they originated.